12 February 2011

The Heroes of Egypt

Tahrir Square, Friday of Departure
photo by Mona sosh
79 million people strong, the Heroes of Egypt have at last triumphed over the Pharaos of Fear.

Hosni Mubarak has ruled the Land of the Pharaos through the Might of Fear – fear of the Muslim Brotherhood, which he fed to Israel and the United States in return for their support; fear of foreign imperialism, which he fed to his own people in return for their consent; and fear of chaos, behind which he built his wall of impenetrability; behind which the corruption by business and political elites continued to prop him up; behind which his brutal military and police tortured any Agents of Change that were perceived to be Enemies of the State of cruel Stability.

Flag of Egypt
But the Heroes of Egypt vanquished the fear of state repression, of brutal torture, of impending chaos by choosing instead to listen to the Voice of Freedom that rang out via the Internet. And this powerful vehicle for Democracy, for the irrepressible communication of ideas of Liberation from oppression, for Organization, for Government By the People, For the People, and for a World Wide Web of support for their efforts was itself a triumph of Humanity over Technology.

Horus as Falcon
image by Wikipedia author
Jeff Dahl
The Heroes of Egypt, proud People united under the Golden Eagle of Saladin, the heraldic descendant of the falcon-headed Horus, the ancient Patron Deity of Egypt, God of the Sky, of War, of Protection, of Unity – the Heroes of Egypt have shown the world what true Strength in Unity is. They have shown the world how Nonviolent Resistance can shatter fear and break down the Walls of Resistance to Change. The Heroes of Egypt have arisen from the ancient Tombs of Power and redefined the world’s understanding of where Humanity’s Power comes from – not from the Sky or the Devine, but from the Hopes of the People.

The Heroes of Egypt, Children of the Nile, have become the Waters of the Great River, flowing forth in decentralized unity, leaderless, yet organized, flowing forth with the force of mass, the strength of numbers, the momentum of fearless energy in motion. The Heroes of Egypt have tapped the energy of Water in Motion, the Animator of Life, and have allowed its current to carry forward a New Way, another path toward Progress, an unstoppable unfolding of the Human Story, a new chapter in how Humanity can conquer those forces which are holding back its potential for Evolutionary Change.

Riot Police, Day of Anger
photo by Muhammad Ghafari
United in anger, disgusted with the greed and graft of leaders who would cling to their power and plot to enrich those few at the top of the Pyramid of Society by expanding the base of impoverishment, exhausted of being forced to sit at the back of the proverbial bus, weary of waiting for unfulfilled promises, distraught at the unresponsiveness to their demands for basic dignity, the Heroes of Egypt said “Kefaya!,” “¡Ya Basta!,” “Enough!,” and allowed the expression of their long-suppressed emotions carry them where they would.

Oppression is as old as the Pharaos, and the plodding history of Progressive Change, unbroken. But it is the immense, reverberating Power of this momentous moment in our long Human Story that has been born as something new into the world, that was unknown to the Universe until now. The number of people throughout the world who gasped as one while Mubarak made his defiant speech, all at the very same instant in time, was truly unprecedented. And as I observe the ongoing occurrences in Cairo and interact with people all over the world from this place where I am, on a small farm in a valley amongst the foothills of the Patagonian Andes, in a another world, a green, green world of crystal blue lakes and snow-capped mountains, on these rainy days in the height of the Southern Hemisphere Summer, I am transfixed, I am transformed into a hopeful spirit in joyous solidarity with my brethren in a far-off desert land.

Flag of the Mapuche People
The Heroes of Egypt seek the same dignity that the people just over the cordillera from here recently amassed on the roads of southern Chile to demand. They have fought for the same rights that the Mapuches came near to dying of hunger for last spring. They represent the same struggles that the marginalized and impoverished throughout the world face. Their triumph is everyone’s. Resources channeled toward upholding Human Dignity, toward finding Humanity’s way by working with Nature’s Patterns instead of against them, States that are forced to become responsive to the needs of their people, working to join all of Humanity together instead to divide and conquer – these are the goals of the Heroes of Egypt that are for the good of all people of Planet Earth, even those who fear this momentum and the changes in their status that it will bring.

For, as the Waters of the Nile renew the soil every year, bringing life-sustaining nutrients for Egypt’s crops, so have her children, the Heroes of Egypt, renewed spirits around the globe that have seen how Change is Inevitable, that Dignity can vanquish fear and brutality, and that whatever Crises of Change our world is headed into, the Power of the People can direct our collective Human Energy toward systems that are more sustainable, because they are no longer built upon the model of social pyramids of an ancient world. Like the ancient, feminine principle of Maat, the Heroes of Egypt have brought Justice that is Balance, Truth, and Order, to a world where the Chaos of inverted priorities reigned.

see the beautiful and inspiring blog by activist, Monasosh, from Egypt: Ma3t

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