About FREE eReaders

Don't have a fancy eReader?

Did you know that FREE downloads are available for your computer?

Adobe Digital Editions for Apple ibooks,

Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac

Check them out! They're FREE and easy, and there are many FREE publications that you can download to try them out with. m Additionally, most eBook retailers offer the first 10% (up to 50% on Smashwords) of each eBook they sell for FREE.

You will be amazed at what all is available, and the reading experience really is superb. I have both on my laptop. They have great features, the text layout is adjustable, and the only thing missing is the portability. But think of all the thankful trees that will remain living and breathing in carbon dioxide and converting it back into oxygen and holding mountainsides together and providing habitats and participating in the global ecosystem - and then, maybe convenience and personal comfort will not be so difficult to sacrifice.

BUT WAIT... You don't even need a FREE eReader!

Perhaps you are reluctant to purchase an eBook because you thought you needed to have an eReader of some kind or other... Well - HAPPY DAY - you don't! All you need is a computer!

I have a growing collection of eBooks available at Smashwords, which you can purchase for less than they are available at other retailers. My essay, Secrecy, Democracy, and Fascism: Lessons from History has received two five-star reviews, and it is FREE, as in totally gratis.

When you purchase your eBook, you will receive a menu of seven different formats that you can download - all of them, if you wish - and three versions that you can read online. Of the downloadables, two are formats that DO NOT require special eReaders - the PDF, and the RTF, which I know for certain is readable in MS Word, MS Works, and Open Office word processors.

So suppor Indy Authors and the Paperless Reading Movement, because a sustainable future will require major changes in each of our behavior.
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