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Books by Julie R Butler:

Past, Present, Progress

While my husband and I lived in Uruguay, I wrote. Not only did I maintain our blog, “Because the World is Round...,” but I found myself composing poetry, to my own surprise. It was a contemplative time, and as I tried to identify what it was about Uruguayan culture that I found so beguiling, as I dealt with loss, as the birds, the ocean, the sun and the moon spoke to me, a philosophy became.

A Journey Through Strange Coincidences, Connective Thoughts, And Far Flung Places

From Zürich to Moab, from tropical Polynesia to the farthest corners of Australia, from investigations into what ideas themselves might be to Synchronicity, from deconstructing Free-Market Ideology to reinventing Spirituality; this multi-layered journey seeks connections between every aspect of the cosmos, from the musical sphere to the stratosphere - and beyond.

And Other Essays

5 essays celebrating the connective principle:

Gandhi Remix reformulates Gandhi’s Seven Social Sins

Small Change puts health care reform into historical perspective

Too Many Notes is a short essay on concision

Constructive Universalism compares Uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres García's visionary theory to Ayn Rand’s reverse-engineered objectivism

No Missing Links unveils the illusion of separation

Lessons from History (FREE eBOOK)

A nation that went to war thinking that it would be quick and easy, but then getting bogged down, becoming polarized, falling into financial difficulties, losing confidence in their government, looking desperately for strong leadership, and falling for conspiracy theories and false accusations about those within and without who oppose the romantic call for cultural purity and supposed morality...?

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